on Saturday

9th JUNE 2018

New Rules :

rule Amendment-2015
In order to allow for a more Open and inclusive event competitors can now finish after 1 peak.
Birkwith Farm checkpoint 1 will be used to record 1 peak teams. Await 4WD or MINIBUS transportation back to Horton base camp IN ALL RETIREMENTS. You can also retire at Ribblehead Viaduct check point have done 1 Peak and around 11 miles of walking.

Teams have always been able to retire after 2 peaks at Hill Inn checkpoint. However unlike previous years Teams have to get to Hill Inn by 15:45 to continue in the challenge. This is now 15 mins earlier as some teams have taken nearly 5 hours to get back to base camp after the 2 peaker checkpoint !

As per usual 4WD or MINIBUS transport back to Horton is available for any retirees from the event, at Birkwith (1 peakers) , Ribblehead (1+viaduct near halfway) and Hill Inn (2 peakers).

rule Amendment-2017
To allow the new event features all teams will now have to reach Ribblehead checkpoint by 13:30 hrs to enable continuance in the challenge. This is 30 minutes erlier than previous years

Teams arriving after the checkpoint final times can be transported back or continue outside the responsibilty of the event having handed in the team tallies to comply with event safety rules.

The organisers in recent years have been left at the Horton finish field until well after 20:00 hrs and prize giving had been slipping to later and later times when many teams had gone home or left the field.

In 2014 the organisers missed the food cut off at the Crown Pub so rules had to be tightened !


CHECK IN / KIT CHECK Bottle necks will also be eased by opening at 06:45 am.

IF teams leave by 07:30 they have exactly 6 hours to get to Ribblehead and the Second Peak cut off.
If your team is unable to do that on the day then it unlikely that it would be safe to continue as this is not yet the halfway point and teams normally only get slower as they progress !
It will still be a great achievment to do one Peak and well over 11 miles of hill walking.

All competitors will get the new online 3 Peaks PDF Certificate of Participation (these now have own photo upload).

1 A team will consist of 2 BT Employees or retired Employees.  The minimum number to quality as a finishing team is 3.  No team being allowed to start with 3 will be eligible for a trophy.  The time taken to complete the course will be calculated from the time when the last man of the team crosses the finishing line. Under 18's cannot enter but people under that age can be associates of a team but at all times are the sole responsibility of the Team Captain and not the event or its organisers.
2 a)   The overall winning team will be the fastest 4 person team to complete the course.
However, teams starting with 4 but finishing with 3 will be eligible for the overall trophy 2nd and 3rd placing. Veterans, Mixed, Ladies and BT LOB Trophies will only be presented for first place.
  b) This year as last year only one main trophy (1st Overall, 1st Mixed, 1st Veterans & 1st Ladies) can be won by a single team. i.e. one team cannot win both 1st Overall and 1st Mixed.

rule Amendment-2018
3 A veterans team shall be average age 58 years or over.  No handicapping will be placed on the average age of team members completing the course.
4 A mixed team is a team of any number of both sexes and must complete the course, mixed to qualify.
5 a)      Walkers must assemble at the start, Horton Playing Field, between 0645 and 0745 to facilitate equipment checks to allow all walkers to start by 0800.
Later Start Exception -
Teams intending to complete the course in less than 6 hours should assemble and start after 0800 to assist checkpoint placements.
  b) Non-checked entrants cannot be the responsibility of the organisers.
  c) Late starters can only be accepted at the discretion of the organisers.


6         In all matters of safety, the instructions of the organisers must be adhered to.
  a) Team members must stay together.  No single member of any team shall be left alone on the fells.  Competitors wishing to retire from the event must 'drop out' at a roadside checkpoint, i.e. Birkwith, Ribblehead or Hill Inn.  Failure to comply will disqualify the team.  'Drop outs' must hand over their tallies to the organisers BACK AT FIELD HQ and use the official transport back to Horton to be SAFELY accounted for.
  b) If more than one member of a team retires, then that team will be compulsorily withdrawn.  If the remaining members continue walking, then they will no longer be part of the event and no longer the responsibility of the organiser. THE TALLY MUST ALWAYS BE HANDED BACK IN AT FIELD HQ. You will qualify for your pie and peas and Commemorative Gift when we know you are safe.

7        All checkpoints and the finish must be passed through in the correct order and as a team.

Checkers will disqualify a team not doing so.  A checker must only be approached by a complete team. We do not signpost or mark the route - you use your map or copy the route from the map posted by the Marquee.

The checkpoints (with SD grid references) are as follows:-
  Horton Playing Field (Start) SD806728
  Penyghent SD838734
  Birkwith SD802770½
  Ribblehead  SD766792
  Force Gill SD761817
  Whernside SD738814
  Hill Inn SD744776
  Ingleborough SD741746
  Horton Playing Field (Finish) SD806728


The National Park Authority has opened a new path diversion to avoid the boggy and difficult section through Black Dub Moss. This new path is drier, avoids stiles and is easier to follow. To use it, the Pennine Way is followed off Penyghent to the Shooting Box at Horton Scar Lane end, where the new path heads west over Whitber Hill, to rejoin the Pennine Way heading north. For more details, see the Newsletter.

The Birkwith checkpoint is easily missed.  Do not blindly follow the party in front - they may not be part of the event.
8        The team leader is responsible for ensuring that all checkpoint entries are correct and all his team accounted for.

9        In the interests of safety it is required that the following is worn/carried by all competitors.

  a) Boots with cleated soles or cross country shoes with stud or heavy waffle soles.**NO** road shoes with smooth soles, cheap trainers or any boot or shoe which is obviously worn out.  (See points from the rules - Newsletter).
  b) Trousers or breeches.  Skirts/Shorts may be worn, but you must then carry your trousers/breeches.  Jeans are not acceptable.
  c) Waterproof clothing, not merely shower-proof top and trousers.
  d) Pullover or fibre pile jacket or equivalent with adequate length and sleeves.
  e) Rucksack or equivalent.
  f) Headgear (hat or hood).
  g) Mug - for soft drinks or soup provided.  A minimum of ½ pint of liquid must be carried.  This can be replenished at roadside checkpoints.  As no food is provided, walkers are advised to carry sufficient for their own needs, bearing in mind that the walk could take 12 hours.
  h) Emergency rations 200g or ½lb (e.g. dates, chocolate, boiled sweets).  These must be carried throughout the walk and only be eaten in an emergency.
  i) Whistle.

  j) Small first aid kit - which must include a 2" bandage and various adhesive dressings.
  k) 2 O/S maps sheet number 98 (scale 1:50,000) or 2 outdoor leisure maps (1:25,000). The Three Peaks/Yorkshire Dales West. Note that GPS technology can be used as an aid but maps and compasses are still required (maps do not needs batteries!)
  l) 2 compasses.
  m) One survival bag (large plastic bag to accommodate a person).  A large aluminium spacefoil blanket is acceptable, but a dustbin liner is not.

  a)  Receiving assistance of any kind from spectators.
  b) Failing to wear or carry specified equipment - checks may be carried out at any time, even at the finish.
  c) Losing the tally identity disc.
  d) Failure to comply with the rules to the satisfaction of the organisers.

11 Cut off times will be 1330 at Ribblehead and 1545 at the Hill Inn.  Competitors arriving after these times will be withdrawn from the event.  In the event of severe weather conditions, the organisers reserve the right to abandon the competition (as in 2017 Rain Storm).

12 Competitors are requested to assemble quietly.  Please observe the country code and maintain good relations with the local residents.  Please do not arrive before mid-day on Friday the 8th June if camping on the playing field and try to arrive before 11.00pm so as not to disturb the village.

13    The organisers reserve the right to amend the rules as required, with the provision that competitors are given due notice.

14     Please note that competitors take part in the event at their own risk.

Enjoy the day and stay safe   Do your best and remember by taking part you are already a winner for the Event  good causes
BT Staff & Friends Yorks Three Peaks
The 1-2-3 Yorkshire 3 Peaks - Now Open to all walkers - from the serious endurance athlete to the relaxed rambler - 1-2-3 Peaks you decide !
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