ENTRIES - enter your details in the registration form on the home page in order to get our newsletters and to allow entry into password protected pages (for use later - team edits and certificates).
Once registered (step1 on home page), (step 2) check your emailed user details and check spam folder just in case we've been diverted  , then enter the team (step3 on the right of this page) and then finally move to the Admissions page to donate entry fee when ready (to ensure this great event is alive and kicking ). Please navigate in paypal to gift the donation so that no paypal charges are incurred.

Entry Summary
We can cater for 100 teams of 4 walkers.   We will accept entries from all BT Group and associated companies. Retired BT personnel are more than welcome.

NEW : Additionally two wildcard (friends or family members) per team IS NOW an allowed entry in teams of 4 people.

However each team MUST have 2 BT active or retired employees making up the team of 4.  Teams of 3 can start but not win trophies , again 2 active or retired BT people are required in the team.

The Donation by the early bird date (APRIL 1st 2020) is £100.00 per team. You now need to enter once as a full team of 4  for £100.00 or for a team of 3 its £80.00 . No individual payments please this year as it proved a bit of a burden in terms of reconciling payments  to teams last year.

Please remember your donation includes £5 per team Admin Fees to cover Pay Gate Costs / Fees.
This is because paypal charges  for standard paypal payments and credit or debit card payments , so try to gift it instead in paypal.

The Early Bird date is up to and including 1st APRIL 2020.

After this date entry is £120.00 per team (£90.00 for Three person team ) all inclusive.

NEW : This fee now covers up to 2 nights camping if required  Please let us know number of campers per tent per night.
Entry this year is again on a first come, first served basis and then a reserve list is formed if over 100 teams apply. If between the acceptance of your entry and the event you have some personnel changes, PLEASE tell us before the day, as it helps us to get the database correct in advance and reduce hold-ups on the day.   If you cannot subsequently take part, please let us know. If you need to cancel a team or individual person entry on or before May 20th 2020,  we shall refund you upon request, but not otherwise, as the entry fee goes to the 2020 good causes.

The entry fee includes a timed electronic pdf certificate of timed completion / participation.

The entry fee also includes a meal at the end of the event. This is at the Crown in Horton.

Entries will be acknowledged by automated email.
Step 3 - Enter 2020 Team Details and submit (n.b can be edited later by login details)
Please note that for safety we are asking for an on the day team phone number for all participants and one emergency contact (ICE) phone number of an 'at home' friend or family contact - stored numbers will be encrypted upon entry and then deleted after the event. A Captains Address is also asked for as per Police risk assessment request  Again this record is encryped and destroyed after the event
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